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IELTS Writing Task 2 - the essay

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Students often need advice about how to write a good essay for the IELTS test. There are different points that it is important to consider:

1. Always write at least 250 words and not more than 300 words.
2. Always answer the question exactly.
3. Do not write less than 4 paragraphs or more than 5 paragraphs.
4. Use more formal vocabulary when possible.
5. Check your grammar.

Below is a good IELTS style essay for someone aiming for a higher score.

Some students like to learn about subjects via the internet. Others prefer to have a teacher.
Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
Whilst there are students who are keen on searching the internet for academic information, other learners find it easier to study with a teacher. Both styles have beneficial aspects, although I personally believe teachers are essential to learning.
In relation to researching information on the internet, there are clear advantages of this style of learning. Primarily, the internet allows young people to gain access to a wide range of information on many topics. Thus, students can explore subjects in detail and select the information which they believe is most useful. Moreover they can investigate areas from a number of perspectives. We cannot deny that such access provides a substantial resource for all researchers.

In contrast, learning with a teacher is often vital. To begin with, it is difficult, especially for younger students, to interprete the information which they gain from different websites in a coherent way. In other words, the young need a guide to help them to understand and evaluate information. Furthermore, teachers can assess the progress of learners in relation to how much they actually absorb. There is no way for teachers or students to know whether youngsters have achieved the required level through using the internet alone.

In the end of the day, unless a learner is already highly educated in study skills and evaluation of information, the internet is not sufficient without the aid and guidance of a teacher. Teachers are needed to direct students to important sites and online resources and to check that students have learnt and applied the information correctly in their studies.

This model answer answers all three aspects of the question in a well structured and thoughtful response.

The grammar is varied and the vocabulary is formal at a level appropriate for the task.

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